Society of California Archivists

Outreach and Publicity Committee

Disseminates information about the archival profession and about SCA activities to allied organizations and professions and the public.

General Description

This committee disseminates information about the archives profession, SCA members and their
institutions among the general public; promotes increased diversity within SCA; brings an
awareness of the existence and functions of SCA to related professions such as librarians,
historians, museum professionals and records managers, and assists in the publicizing of SCA
activities and events. Additionally, because of the particular value in recruiting entry-level
professionals, the committee reaches out to student groups, undergraduate history students, and
others who might consider archives as a career.

Composition of the committee and terms of office are defined in Handbook section 3-1 and
governed by the Bylaws.


General responsibilities are outlined in Handbook section 3-1. 
  1. Creates, distributes and disseminates educational pamphlets, brochures and other materials. 

  2. Cultivates a Speakers Bureau, a resource and community of archivists committed to speaking at a variety of events in support of our profession and to assist our community. 

  3. Creates and supports presentations or panels at meetings of allied organizations. 

  4. Communicates to SCA members via the Newsletter news of appropriate events sponsored by allied professionals. 

  5. Publicizes and promotes SCA activities through newsletters of allied organizations, listservs, Archives Month, and other public forums. 

  6. Recommends institutional membership for SCA in allied organizations. 

  7. Creates mailing lists of organizations and publications to receive public relations materials about SCA events and programs. 

  8. Recruits committee members from those SCA members who are also members of allied organizations. 


Charla M. DelaCuadra,  Huntington Library

Jack Doran, Hoover Institute

News and Events

The Society of California Archivists is excited to announce the creation of the SCA Speakers Bureau. We are looking for SCA members willing to go and speak to groups about our profession to encourage public interest in and support for archival facilities. We hope that the Speakers Bureau will provide a centralized resource for disseminating information about archival collections, issues, methodology, and conservation to fellow archivists, genealogy and historical societies, as well as the general public in California.

Do you want to spread your love of archives? Do you want to share your knowledge of archival issues? Do you enjoy talking to groups? If you answered yes to any of these questions and would like to be listed as a speaker, please email the co-chairs of SCA's Outreach and Publicity Committee: Charla M. DelaCuadra (southern California) at or Jack Doran (northern California) at Please provide a brief summary of your areas of expertise, a resume, and contact information.
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