Preserving Your History Brochure Series

These brochures establish guidelines for preserving photographs and papers and offer methodologies for historical research about individuals and communities.

Doing Oral History (PDF)

Written by Dale Treleven of the UCLA Oral History Program, Doing Oral History will help with the development and production of an oral history by suggesting types of questions to ask during the interview, equipment necessary for a successful interview, and steps to take to preserve your interview tapes.

Spanish version/Versión en español (PDF)  Haciendo La Historia Oral
Chinese version (PDF)

Doing Your Neighborhood History (PDF)

In Doing Your Neighborhood History, Waverly Lowell of UC Berkeley provides a concise research guide to discovering your community's past. Lowell reviews necessary sources of information and types of documentation - published sources, visual materials, maps, public records and special collections - available for researching local history.

Spanish version/Versión en español (PDF) Haciendo la Historia de su Vecindario
Chinese version (PDF)

Family Papers: Preservation and Organization (PDF)

Written by Alison Moore, Consulting Archivist and former staff member of the California Historical Society, Family Papers: Preservation and Organization helps identify family archives, what kinds of papers are important to save, how to store papers to avoid damage caused by heat, moisture and light, and methods for organizing precious documents.

Spanish version/Versión en español (PDF) Papeles de Familia Conservación y Organización
Chinese version (PDF)

Preserving Family Photographs (PDF)

In Preserving Family Photographs, Kathy Orlenko, a private conservator, provides a basic overview of photograph composition, best methods of storing, mounting and housing photos, identification of cellulose nitrate negatives, and simple preservation practices for home application.

Spanish version/Versión en español (PDF) Preservando las Fotografias de Familia
Chinese version (PDF)

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