Lynn A. Bonfield Scholarship

The Lynn A. Bonfield Scholarship is administered by the Awards Committee and funds travel and registration for members to attend in-person training and educational opportunities* that are independent of SCA sponsored events. All SCA members in good-standing who have limited or no access to institutional funding for continuing education may apply. Up to $1000 may be awarded per event, and a total of $2,000 is made available each year.

Each candidate must submit a Bonfield Scholarship Application Form, including a proposed budget listing registration fees, travel expenses, and lodging  to be considered for the scholarship. All application materials must be received at least 3 weeks (21 days) prior to the educational event.

Successful applicants must cover expenses that they incur in excess of the award itself. Award recipients are not eligible to apply more than once within a calendar year. Unsuccessful applicants may apply for additional events within a calendar year, with no prejudice. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered. Awards Committee members are not eligible to apply.

*Qualifying "educational opportunities" are considered to be workshops, trainings, or classes, not general conference registrations or networking events. If a workshop is connected to a conference, funds may be sought to cover workshop registration, necessary additional hotel nights, and similar costs incurred to attend the workshop itself, but not the conference as a whole. Please contact the Awards Chair if clarification is needed.

Please send completed application form to, or to the Awards Committee Chair as listed on the Awards Committee web page.

(Form ALERT: download and SAVE form before filling out, then fill out and submit via email. Do NOT fill out form in web browser. Problems? Please contact the Awards Chair. Since funding availability is dependent on the remaining balance in an annual budget, enquiries regarding current availability are encouraged.)

Complete documentation on this scholarship is available from the SCA Handbook, Section 3-3-7, pages 18-19 .

To contact the Awards Committee, please email the Committee Chair at

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