Sustained Service Award

Award Description and Criteria

The Sustained Service Award is given to SCA members to recognize them for their prolonged and quality service to the Society of California Archivists over a period of 12 years. Nominees should meet as many of the following criteria as possible: 

  • Work of merit that has made a substantive contribution to SCA over a period of at least 12 years
  • Holds promise for future contributions
  • Demonstrated leadership through collaborative work or exemplary service to SCA

Nomination Form -- The nominating period is closed.

(Form ALERT: download and SAVE form before filling out, then fill out and submit via email. Do NOT fill out form in web browser.)

Sustained Service Award recipients:

2021  Ellen Jarosz

2019  David Keller

2017  Robin L. Chandler

2016  Teresa Mora
2014  Laura O'Hara
           Jennifer Martinez Wormser
2012 Paul Wormser
2009 Gabriele Carey
          Pat Johnson
2008 Lucinda Glenn
2006 Lynn Downey
2004 Dorothy Mackay-Collins
2001 Jim Hofer
1999 Peter Blodgett
1998 Waverly Lowell
          Susan Searcy
1997 Shirley Stephenson
          Helene Whitson
          Teena Stern
1996 (25th aniversary of SCA)
          Sue Hodson
          Bonnie Hardwick
1991 (Initial Awards, on the 20th anniversary of SCA)
          Dr. Larry Burgess
          John Cahoon
         Anne Caiger
         Chuck Wilson

To contact the Awards Committee, please visit the SCA Committees web page.

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