Member-Initiated Events

Organize a local event for SCA!

SCA offers support for members to bring California archivists together for networking, discussion forums, site visits, special speakers, mini-conferences, and more. As an SCA member, you may seek financial support and/or request assistance for an event that you would like to organize in your region that is of interest to members and non-members alike.

Submitting a proposal and getting reimbursed:

  1. Submit a proposal to Three weeks lead time is recommended.
  2. Once you are notified that the event is approved, announce your event and gather RSVPs.
  3. Be sure to retain receipts for refreshments or services purchased for your event.
  4. At your event maintain a sign-in sheet. If more people attend than RSVPed you will be able to recoup more of your expenses for refreshments.
  5. After your event, submit a reimbursement form (along with your receipts, sign-in or RSVP list) with a short report of your event to in order to be reimbursed for your event expenses.*

* Your report may be submitted to the SCA Newsletter to share the great activities that members are organizing. Photos of events are strongly encouraged!

Qualifying Expenses

Reimbursement of Member-Initiated Events is by qualifying expense type. Different qualifying expenses can be combined for any one event, as long as they are within the funding limits provided. Exceptions to funding limits will be considered by the SCA Board but may require more time for approval. There is no limit on total expenses per event.

  • Non-alcoholic refreshments: $5 per RSVP or $5 per attendee, based on sign in or RSVP. May be claimed once per event.
  • Speakers or facilitators: Standard rate is $125 reimbursement or honorarium per speaker or facilitator. Higher rates will be considered by the Board, but may require more time for approval.
  • Panel: $50 in expenses (for example meals and parking) per panelist for up to four individuals.
  • Facilities/Equipment/AV: Up to $200Event can be either over 40 attendees or over 4 hours to claim this expense. Cannot claim twice for an event that is both more than 40 attendees and over 4 hours.
  • Meals for events over 4 hours: $10 per SCA member.
  • Webinar: Up to $200 to pay for access to non SCA webinars. To propose an SCA sponsored webinar, contact the SCA Education Committee.


  • A program from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm with a speaker ($125), followed by a panel with four participants claiming the max expenses ($200) closing with lunch provided at $10 for 20 SCA members ($200) can be combined to create a half day event or mini conference, for a total cost to SCA of $525. This example event is over four hours long and so would qualify for up to an additional $200 for equipment, facilities, or AV expenses.
  • A happy hour for area SCA members and colleagues of allied professions. 50 people RSVP for the event, so the host orders $250 ($5 x 50 people) in appetizers for all of the expected attendees. Only 40 people are actually able to attend. The host should submit their RSVP list along with receipts for refreshments to be reimbursed for the full amount expended of $250.

Additional Guidelines and Restrictions

      • MIE funds may not be used to promote commercial products or Services.
      • Organizer must be an SCA member.
      • Requests in line with baseline amounts can be approved quickly, with minimal advance notice. More funding may be requested, but needs more careful consideration by the Board for approval and require more time to be approved.
      • Member-Initiated Events must be opened to all SCA members and advertised to the membership through the WestArch mailing list. The Vice Chair for Member Activities will post information about the event to the “Upcoming Events” section of
      • Per-person reimbursements for refreshments are based on sign in or RSVP. SCA members and non-members may both be counted equally when calculating reimbursements (except for meals).
      • For larger events, SCA may be able to provide registration, promotion, and organizational support from SCA committee members (e.g. Membership, Education, or Outreach & Publicity, as appropriate.)

Proposal Form

Direct questions and submissions to:

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