This year will feature one formal luncheon on Saturday. On Friday, you are invited to gather informally with colleagues for lunch on your own or as a part of several "box lunch forums" at the hotel. In addition to the on-site restaurant and local eateries, box lunches can be purchased ahead of time through the registration site.

Questions about Box Lunches? Contact Teresa Mora


Attending a forum? Be sure to purchase the (optional) box lunch when you register!

 SCA members

Box Lunch Forum 1: Online Archive of California (OAC) Contributor Meeting (1:00 to 2:00 only)

Moderators: Sherri Berger, California Digital Library; Adrian Turner, California Digital Library

Are you a current contributor to the Online Archive of California (OAC)? Are you thinking about becoming a new member? Join us to meet fellow contributors, ask questions of OAC staff, and learn more about new tools and developments. (Forum start time is 1:00, to allow interested attendees to "forum hop" from those scheduled at noon.)

Box Lunch Forum 2:
Strategic Planning Task Force of SCA (12:00 to 2:00)

Over 200 of you contributed your responses and ideas to the Strategic Planning Task Force.  Now is the time to discover just how you match up with the other 199 respondents.  The results of the survey, as well as the results of the Task Force Focus Groups which developed from the survey will be discussed in detail - or as much detail as you can stomach - at this box lunch session.  Bring your lunch, your questions and your suggestions.  The Task Force report to the Board will serve as a planning document for the Society for the next decade.  The winners of the Survey prizes - free AGM registration, free membership for a year,  and a $50 gift certificate - will be announced and the prizes presented.  Some lucky attendee will also win a gift of Hollinger Metal Edge supplies.

Box Lunch Forum 3: The Allure of Archives: How LA as Subject Celebrates Regional History (12:00 to 1:00 only)

LA as Subject is an association of 230 plus members collectively preserving, sharing, and archiving the history and culture of the Los Angeles region.  Members and nonmembers alike are welcome to attend and learn more about LA as Subject's community-based, innovative, and collaborative projects that are meant to celebrate and bring awareness to archives through the telling of LA's dynamic history. (Forum will wrap up at 1:00 to allow interested attendees to attend Forum 1, the OAC Contributors' Meeting.)


The Saturday luncheon will feature California cuisine catered by the DoubleTree. The luncheon provides an excellent time to converse with fellow archivists over a tasty meal, honor colleagues at the annual Awards Ceremony, and enjoy this year's featured speaker, Dr. Gray Brechin.

 SCA members
 Non-members  $40
 Students  $25


Excavating the New Deal -- In Archives and in the Field


The Living New Deal began inventorying and then mapping the vast legacy of New Deal public works eight years ago. It focused first on California and then expanded to the entire United States. Project founder and scholar Dr. Gray Brechin will describe the unprecedented team effort to locate the innumerable artifacts left by the WPA, PWA, and other alphabet soup agencies that helped lift the nation out of the last depression as well as the invaluable role that archivists and librarians have played in exhuming a lost civilization built by our forebears.

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