Membership Committee

Solicits new members, renews existing memberships, manages the current interests and concerns of the membership, and encourages participation in SCA activities and programs.

General Description

The Membership committee surveys the current interests and concerns of the membership, encourages participation in SCA activities and programs, and solicits new members. The Membership Director serves as Chair of the Membership Committee, acts as corresponding secretary in matters relating to membership and membership development, and keeps records and data relating to all membership functions.


1. Solicits new members among individuals and organizations, and encourages participation by members in the activities of SCA.

2. Contacts non-renewals to encourage them to renew their memberships. In discussing the advantages of SCA membership, the following points might be made:

3. Collects membership brochures from other similar organizations. Submits for Board approval any changes in the format of the brochure.

4. Provides copies of the current membership brochure to the Outreach and Publicity committee for SCA functions when requested.

5. Oversees membership surveys to monitor shifts in member interests and concerns when requested by the Board. Findings are reported to the Board and then to the membership via appropriate print or electronic communications. Survey topics are set and approved by the Board. The Membership Committee works with other committees, as needed, to produce, assess, and report survey results.

6. Assists with the planning of new member events at the Annual General Meeting.

7. Assists with the management of the online membership database and related projects pertaining to membership as needed.


General email:

Marie Silva, 2021-2023


Membership Information

Member-Initiated Events

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