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Current Issue: Spring 2024

Submission Guidelines

The Society of California Archivists Newsletter is the official voice of SCA. It carries professional news, reports the Board’s actions, announces SCA seminars, and workshops, and informs members of other archival issues and events of interest. Submitted articles should focus on news relating to repositories and collections, not promoting a vendor's services. Collaborations on articles between a vendor and repository are welcome.

Submissions by all members of SCA are encouraged. However, in order to provide fair and equal access consecutive submissions by a member or institution will not be permitted. In other words, institutions/members who have already published an article in a concurrent issue may not submit an article for the following issue. (Example: If you had an article published in the Spring issue, you may not submit an article for the Summer issue, but are welcome to submit for the Fall issue).

All submissions, advertisements, calendar announcements, and inquiries regarding the newsletter should be directed to the editors at

Those wanting to place an advertisement in the newsletter should contact Kelli Roisman ( for payment information. Payments for advertisements MUST be received prior to the copy deadline. Advertisement image files must be delivered via email to at least one week before the copy deadline. No Exceptions.

Brief white papers are accepted from authors or vendors that offer goods and services, provided the content is appropriate and substantive for the audience and that all references to the vendor, company or services are reserved for a single line below the author credit. White papers must follow all rules for submission.

Publication Dates: January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1.

Copy Deadlines: November 25, February 25, May 25, and August 25.

*In an effort to ensure that our editorial team has sufficient time to prepare the newsletter, we will no longer be granting extensions on the copy deadlines listed above. Articles, announcements, and advertisements must be received by 5pm PST on the due date announced in the call for submissions. No exceptions.

Format for submissions:
All articles and items submitted for consideration should be delivered via email attachment. Articles should be no longer than 750 words, attached as a text file (not PDF), and follow the Chicago Manual of Style. Be sure to include a title (10 word limit), the author's name, repository name, location, and contact information at the end of your article. Failure to do so will result in your submission going unpublished.

Images should be submitted as separate JPEG or PDF files, and not placed within the body of the text file. Please limit image submissions to no more than 3 files. Captions for images should be placed at the end of the article text file, and include the image file name. If authors would like specific placement of images they can call this out by inserting [Place image1.jpeg here] within the text file. Captions embedded in the images will be duplicated as text for ADA compliance.

If email access is not available to you, please contact the editors to discuss alternate arrangements.

Editorial Team


Marissa Friedman

Sue Luftschein

Assistant Editors:

Shaula Stephenson

Sue Tyson

Layout Editor:

Alison Quirion

Advertising Coordinator:

Kelli Roisman

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